Four Days Hands on Training Program on Finite Element Analysis using MSC Patran & Nastran by Industrial Expert

Duration: Four Days (8 Hrs / Day)
Schedule: Saturday, 17th February, 2018 to Tuesday, 20th February, 2018
Location: IFS Academy, Pune

Course Description

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is a numerical method for solving engineering problems. Many product companies uses commercial FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software’s during design stage of product lifecycle. Therefore, this course teaches you basic finite element analysis techniques for linear static, normal modes, and buckling analysis of structures using Nastran. Patran is used for pre and post processing whereas Nastran is used for solution. This course provides the foundation required for intermediate and advanced Nastran applications. This course will also cover analytical validation along with fundamentals of Theory of Finite Element Method.

Course Objectives

  • To learn about FEM and its wide variety applications.
  • Solve 1D, 2D and 3D engineering problems using Patran and Nastran
  • Comparison of Nastran solution with analytical solution
  • Effectively use an Nastran tool for design and analysis

Course Contents

Background of FEA

  • Introduction to FEA and its application
  • Formulation of stiffness matrix and assembly of element matrix using direct stiffness method

Demo Example

  • End-to-end demo of one example using Patran & Nastran

Overview of Patran & Nastran

Solution of structural problem using Patran & Nastran

  • Patran overview Defining the analysis type Creating geometry Defining material and element properties Constraining the model Loading the model Meshing the model Model verification Generating input file and submitting run to Nastran
  • Understanding of files generated during Preprocessing, Solution and Post Processing
  • Anatomy of the MSC Nastran input file:Nastran statements, File management section, Executive control section, Case control section, Bulk data section
  • Manually creating simple Nastran input file.Validating results using F06 file.

Overview of Element Types

Demonstration using hands-on and corresponding analytical validation

  • 1D Elements – Formulation and usage of Bars and Beams
  • 2D Elements – Formulation and usage of Membrane, Plates and Shells
  • Types of meshing and meshing issues
  • 3D Elements – Hex vs. Tet, the trade off Discussion on formulation of 3D elements

Element usage

  • Effect of type, shape, size and quality of mesh on solution
  • Mesh Convergence and Error Estimation
  • Rigid body connections Model containing different elements

Loads and Boundary Conditions (LBC’s)

  • Constraints: Constraint methods, Real world BC’s vs FEA, Symmetry BC’s, etc.
  • Loading Types: Real world loading versus FEA, Basic loading methods, Different loads, etc.
  • Stress Singularities

Result and post processing

  • Results visualization and animations User-derived results from MSC Nastran results Exporting Results
  • Report generation

Different Analysis Types

  • Linear static analysis, Normal modes analysis, Buckling analysis: Hands on with use case examples using Patran & Nastran

Faculty Profile

Faculty is MTech and PhD from IIT Bombay with industrial experience of 18 years in different industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Biomedical Engineering. During his career he has worked on several CAD, FEA and CFD technologies. He has won several awards for his innovative works. He is thought leader and consultant for core engineering organizations.

Certificate: IFS Academy Certificate of Completion
Software: Participants should bring their own Laptop and install MSC Patran / Nastran Student Version Software before the course begins. Link:
Course Fees: Rs. 15,000/- per Course Per Student including GST

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